We match householders with the right housemate with an approach that is:



Value your space and privacy? Or would you love to share a meal a few times a week? Looking for someone who shares your interests? Wish you had a housemate you could depend on to watch your home while you travel? We take the time to learn your needs and then search for the perfect roommate for your lifestyle.  

Mutually beneficial 

We’ll help you find a win-win balance, where you and your housemate can enjoy the benefits of homesharing.

Full service

We carefully vet candidates, help you design a clear homeshare agreement, and then check-in to see how things are going to ensure you’re both happy now, and throughout your homeshare arrangement. 


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We take the time to learn about: 
Your homesharing goals
The benefits of homesharing that are most important to you
What you do and do not want in a housemate.




We’ll start by searching through our list of pre-vetted local housemates. If we can’t find the right match in our own network we’ll market more widely to find you the right person. Once we find the person we think will be a good match we’ll all meet. But the final say is up to you. 



We’re discerning, and will only approach you with people we think you’ll love, and who would be a good long-term match. How do we know? All potential roommates undergo a screening interview, a detailed compatibility check, and are vetted through an extensive background check.



Our services extend beyond finding you the right housemate. We walk you through the legalities of homesharing, including drafting your comprehensive homeshare agreement.

We’ll also check in with you periodically to ensure you and your roommate are happy and enjoying the full benefits of homesharing.



People of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances are rethinking shared living and enjoying:


• Reduced living costs
• Improved lifestyle 
• A new sense of family and friendship


Why Are Good Places So Hard to Find?

Renters are used to lengthy applications and background checks, but what about property owners? Who checks them? 

A good match between a Householder and Housemate is the key to successful homeshares, which is why we thoroughly interview the Householder and view their property to ensure they're the right fit for the homeshare lifestyle.  


Join our Network of Good People!

Tired of wasting time meeting people you’d never want to live with, or homes that aren’t right for your lifestyle? Worried about giving your personal information to someone you don’t know, just to get an appointment to see a home?


Finding the perfect place is all about whom you know, which is why some of the best opportunities go unadvertised.


Join our database to access unadvertised homeshare opportunities.

• Be the first to know about homeshare opportunities before they’re advertised
• Get pre-qualified through our comprehensive vetting system
• Your information is securely stored, remains confidential and is never shared with third parties
• Take your verified reference check with you should another opportunity arise.

The process is simple:
• Complete our online application
• We’ll contact you when a homeshare
opportunity matching your criteria becomes available and help you apply

• Schedule a virtual interview

• Provide the necessary documentation
• Your HomeShare Alliance consultant will schedule a meet & greet with the Householder and a HomeShare Alliance team member
• If you and the Householder want to become
 housemates, we’ll schedule a homeshare agreement meeting to work out all the terms and details
• Your HomeShare Alliance consultant keeps in touch after you move in to monitor how things are going and ensure your complete satisfaction.

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