7 Tips to Help You Get Through the Second Lockdown

According to recent news reports, the province of Ontario will be going into a full lockdown on Boxing Day. Expected to last 28 days, the measures are being put in place as an attempt to control the skyrocketing cases of coronavirus that have been reported across the province over the last few weeks. For many Canadians, the emotional and financial toll of another lockdown, especially over Christmas, will be significant. These tips are designed to help you and your housemate smoothly navigate the lockdown.

Tip 1: Have a Conversation with Your Housemate

Just as with the first lockdown, it is important to have another conversation with your housemate about the lockdown to make sure you're both on the same page. Discuss finances; create an emergency plan; check in with each other and talk about your mental wellness; and set clear boundaries and expectations around your living arrangements. Take some time to discuss with gratitude what worked well during the last lockdown and respectfully consider how you could make improvements.

Tip 2: Build on Your Knowledge

A lockdown isn't new for Canadians. Considering that we've been through this before use the knowledge you've gained and plan accordingly. For example, we all know there's no need to hoard essential supplies like toilet paper, however, it is wise to place online orders well ahead of time and expect shipping delays.

Tip 3: Check in On Loved Ones Virtually

It's tough to go into the holiday season in lockdown, and the emotional toll will be great on everyone, but especially those who are alone. Take advantage of technology and plan to celebrate holiday gatherings virtually. Keep those virtual celebrations going over New Year's and beyond. A phone call will do wonders, especially for seniors who may struggle to navigate technology.

Tip 4: Stay Positive

While another lockdown is an emotional blow for many of us, it's important to remain optimistic. There is a vaccine, and it's being rolled out as we speak. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Remind yourself and those around you of the silver linings that have come from this pandemic – putting into perspective what's most important, forcing us to slow down, and much more. The holiday season and New Year are usually so busy, take a moment to breathe and enjoy the fact that you have no where else to be!

Tip 5: Extend Your Appreciation to Essential Workers

For most of us the lockdown will be a chance to relax, but for first responders, doctors, nurses, grocery store attendants, postal carriers, and other essential workers, there's no chance to stop. Many are exhausted already and facing increased workloads and stress. Take special care of those in your life who are doing so much to keep our country moving and show your appreciation however you can. Your kindness right now will mean a great deal.

Tip 6: Find Ways to Support Local Businesses

This lockdown is going to be especially difficult on local businesses who are already struggling. You can help by buying locally where possible. Many small, family-owned restaurants and businesses are taking online or phone orders that can be safely picked up. Check in with local farmers for fresh eggs, honey, and other goods. Keep your eye on Facebook and other social media groups for those who are offering their services safely. From virtual piano lessons to drive-thru events, you'll be surprised how many people have pivoted their offerings so their business can survive another lockdown.

While spending your dollars locally is important for the economy and your community, if you can't afford to make purchases right now, don't. Instead, consider other ways to support local businesses. An online review, sharing or liking a social post, and spreading the word to friends and neighbours is a great way to help support local businesses. In fact, the team at HomeShare Alliance would appreciate your support in this way. Reviews are greatly valued and help us spread the word about the benefits of home sharing!

Tip 7: Be Strict with Your Budget

If your own income has been reduced, then you'll want to ensure that reduction is reflected in your spending. It's a good idea to look at your finances over the next month and predict where you'll be at. Also, it's important to plan for the possibility that the lockdown may be longer than the predicted 28-days. Home sharing is a great option for homeowners looking to generate extra income. Give the team at HomeShare Alliance a call to learn about what you can do now, during the lockdown, to set yourself up for a successful home sharing arrangement when the lockdown is over.

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