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How It Works

Unlock the Possibilities with HomeShare Alliance: Comprehensive Solutions for Homesharing Success

Are you seeking expert guidance to embark on a transformative homesharing journey? Look no further than HomeShare Alliance. Our comprehensive service offerings cater to clients both near and far, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the power of homesharing.

Housemate Matching Service

For those within our geographical area of Halton and Hamilton-Wentworth, our in-person service provides hands-on support and personalized housemate matching. Our experienced consultants will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and preferences, offering tailored solutions to help you navigate the complexities of homesharing. Whether you're a single homeowner seeking financial security or a family looking to support a loved one aging in place, our dedicated team will be by your side every step of the way.

Virtual Homeshare Coaching

But what if you reside outside of our reach? No worries - our virtual Homeshare coaching is designed just for you. Through online consultants, we provide remote assistance to help you facilitate your own successful homeshare arrangement. Our expert coaches will share invaluable insights, strategies, tools, and best practices, empowering you to create a harmonious living situation that suits your requirements and aspirations.

Training Certificate

Furthermore, if you're passionate about introducing the benefits of homesharing to your local community, our training certification program is the ideal opportunity. We offer a comprehensive curriculum that equips organizations and individual entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to start their own homeshare program. Our certificate program covers all aspects of establishing and managing a successful homeshare program, from legal considerations to client retention strategies, ensuring that you have the expertise to thrive in this rewarding field. 

At HomeShare Alliance, we believe that homesharing has the power to transform lives. Whether you're seeking personalized housemate matching, virtual coaching, or a training certificate, we're here to support you every step of the way. Together, let's create a world where the power of homesharing knows no bounds.


Our Mission

HomeShare Alliance is a part of a cultural shift in the real estate and housing markets, where sharing your home is becoming an attractive alternative to selling your home.

We're committed to providing a safe premium quality turnkey solution to active and independent older adults, single parents, seniors, and the budget-conscious - anyone who would benefit from sharing their home.

Our Core Values



We understand home.

Your home is a haven from the world and your biggest asset. Coming home should feel good and be a source of comfort and familiarity.

Working from Home


Your safety is our priority.

We put your personal, emotional, and financial safety first, so you always feel safe and at ease living in your own home.



We empower you.

You choose the options that are right for you, using our proprietary system, reliable information, and creative solutions for financial flexibility. 

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