Our Origin Story


An experienced businesswoman and established entrepreneur, Tara McEwen discovered a niche in the housing market as she navigated the ins and outs of homesharing. Spending time listing her home, searching for the right housemate, and figuring out the legalities around homeshare agreements was a complicated and lengthy process and there was no one experienced to provide support or guidance.


In fact, Tara feared that the process would deter other people from enjoying the financial security and social benefits that homesharing offers.“There’s got to be a better way,” she thought, and thus, HomeShare Alliance was born, a social enterprise with the focus on affordable living and social connection.


At HomeShare Alliance, we’re creating a cultural shift in the real estate and housing markets, one that shines a light on the benefits of sharing rather than selling your home. We’re committed to guiding householders through the process of sharing their home, which means finding not just any housemate, but the right housemate for your unique lifestyle.  


We love happy endings, and that’s what happens when we successfully match Householders with the right housemate. New friendships are forged, financial goals are secured, and people begin to experience the confidence and security needed to pursue their dreams – from traveling to 'aging in place', and everything in between. Now that you know our story, we can’t wait to hear yours!


Our Vision


We’re committed to growing HomeShare Alliance into a strong, geographically diverse network of trusted HomeShare advisors who provide personalized, turnkey solutions to active and independent older adults, single adults, single parents, seniors, and the budget-conscious — anyone who would benefit from sharing their home.


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Quality matches. Insightful process. Meaningful results.

Award winning search firm providing a reliable and systematic approach that leads to happy and lasting homesharing matches.  

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