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How We Started

The Origins of HomeShare Alliance

Tara McEwen, an experienced businesswoman and entrepreneur knew what it was like to navigate the ins and outs of homesharing. When she wanted to share her home a decade ago, there was no one to guide her through the listing process, housemate search, or the legalities of homeshare agreements. As a result, she had to endure a complicated and lengthy experience.


HomeShare Alliance was created so that others would not have to face the same struggle trying to pursue the financial security and social benefits offered by homesharing.


While Tara has forged on in her former career, she has left a legacy of knowledge and tools to a new generation of Homeshare Consultants. Through her personalized training, Tara has packaged her expertise to share her blueprint of success with housing service providers and entrepreneurs who want to offer homeshare services in their local community.


Our diverse network of independent homeshare providers have helped many clients share their home by carefully matching them with the right housemate, so the experience is a win-win for both parties.


Our Mission

HomeShare Alliance is a part of a cultural shift in the real estate and housing markets, where sharing your home is becoming an attractive alternative to selling your home.

We're committed to providing a safe premium quality turnkey solution to active and independent older adults, single parents, seniors, and the budget-conscious - anyone who would benefit from sharing their home.

Our Core Values



We understand home.

Your home is a haven from the world and your biggest asset. Coming home should feel good and be a source of comfort and familiarity.

Working from Home


Your safety is our priority.

We put your personal, emotional, and financial safety first, so you always feel safe and at ease living in your own home.



We empower you.

You choose the options that are right for you, using our proprietary system, reliable information, and creative solutions for financial flexibility. 

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