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Reach your financial goals, without selling your home.

Homesharing is a great way to use your home to earn a supplementary income.

Instead of selling your house, consider sharing part of your current home today.

Earn Extra Income

Keep The Home You Love

Secure Your Future


Get more from your home.

As you look ahead, you may be considering ways to supplement your income to ensure a healthy financial future.

But stepping out of retirement, picking up a side job or downsizing your home may not be options for you.

Homesharing is a great alternative that lets you use your home to plan for today, and tomorrow.

We Find

A Perfect Match for You

We match HomeShare Hosts with the right housemate using an approach that is customized, mutually beneficial, safe, full service and long-term.

We Help You Create A Homeshare Plan

Value your space and privacy? Or would you love to share meals together? We take the time to learn your needs and help you create a plan that reflects your lifestyle.  


Homeshare Match Guarantee

We provide a match guarantee and consulting services for 60-days from the initial homeshare agreement.

Are you looking for a creative solution to increase your income and achieve financial freedom?
Contact us today to discuss the potential and financial power of supplemental income homesharing.

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