Get the support you need, in the home you love.

Looking for companionship or extra support around the house? Worrying about your parent living on their own?

A task exchange homeshare plan may be just what you need.


Household Support

Peace of Mind

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Homesharing is a win-win

Just because you've gotten older or had a life change doesn't mean you have to sell your home.

Thousands of Canadians are turning to homesharing as a way to maintain companionship, get additional day-to-day support and keep a high quality of life in the home they love.

Homesharing is also beneficial for the housemate, providing them a comfortable living space while saving hundreds of dollars per month on comparable rent or mortgage fees.

We Find

A Perfect Match for You

We match HomeShare Hosts with the right housemate using an approach that is customized, mutually beneficial, safe, full service and long-term.

We Help You Create A Task Exchange Plan

We'll help you work out an arrangement that includes a set length of time for homesharing and weekly household support, based on your specific needs.

We Handle the Fees & Paperwork

We'll create a Homeshare Agreement that is unique to you and your situation and provide strategies behind a successful homeshare arrangement.

Looking for a creative solution to help you or a loved one age in place with support around the home, companionship and peace of mind? Contact us today to discuss the freedom and independence of task exchange homesharing.