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What is Homesharing for Supplemental Income?

With this form of HomeShare, two people share a home for mutual benefit, a compatible housemate, and in the case of the householder, a supplemental income. With this arrangement, the homesharer pays monthly rent to the householder. 

Is a Supplemental Income Homesharing
Arrangement Right for You?

As a householder do you:

  • Own or rent a property long-term with a spare bedroom?

  • Have a home that will accommodate another person?

  • Want to receive supplemental income through homesharing?

  • Live independently and do not need additional support for household help? 
    Note: We recommend you consider a task exchange homesharing arrangement if you need help around the house.

  • Want regular companionship and security to avoid feeling lonely or isolated or would you prefer minimal interaction with your homesharer? 

As a householder are you:

  • Willing to share your living space?

  • Looking for a friendly companion you can share certain activities and interests with?

  • Interested in a creative financial solution to supplement your income?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then consider supplemental income homesharing.

We match Householders with the right housemate with an approach that is customized, mutually beneficial, safe and full service. Click here to learn more about how homesharing works.


About the HomeShare Alliance Guarantee

We provide a match guarantee and consulting services for 60-days from the initial homeshare agreement. 

Our Fees – Supplemental Income Homesharing

The homesharer pays the first and last month’s rent to HomeShare Alliance. From this amount HomeShare Alliance takes only the $1,500.00 service fee and gives any remaining funds to the householder. The housemate pays the householder directly for subsequent monthly rent.


Are you looking for a creative solution to increase your income and achieve financial freedom?
Contact us today to discuss the potential and financial power of supplemental income homesharing.

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