About Homesharing

What is homesharing?

Homesharing simply means that you are sharing your home. Typically, a homeowner offers space in their home to a housemate. While every homeshare is unique there are two types of homesharing: Task exchange homeshare – Extra help around the house in exchange for subsidized rent. Long-term homeshare – Housemates stay as a permanent resident in exchange for rent. HomeShare Alliance provides services for either a rent or task exchange arrangement.

How old do I have to be to homeshare?

We designed HomeShare Alliance to meet the demand for shared living and anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to apply.

Does homesharing require a minimum length of stay?

HomeShare Alliance is not a service for short-term accommodations. All of our agreements are for a minimum of 365 consecutive days. HomeShare Alliance is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of each individual homeshare arrangement, which can range from one year or more.

Is homesharing legal?

Yes, homesharing with one housemate for a period of more than six months is legal in most circumstances. In many cities and towns, you can even host up to three housemates at a time with no issue.

Is a homeshare agreement a rental lease?

No. Homesharing does not fall under the Residential Tenancies Act as it would in a landlord and tenant relationship. Since the homeowner is sharing the kitchen with their roommate, this is a different type of relationship. The homeowner is a licensor and the housemate is a licensee.
The homeshare agreement is customized to the terms and expectations set by both parties with mutual agreement. Find out more about how shared living applies to Ontario laws here.

How HomeShare Alliance Works

How does HomeShare Alliance work?

The HomeShare Alliance service connects householders who have spare space with people who are seeking a place to stay for one year or more. HomeShare Alliance helps to make shared living safe, transparent, and easy by working with a consultant who:

  • Searches and finds ideal matches for you
  • Conducts a multi-tiered screening process
  • Creates customized homesharing agreements
  • Acts as your service team to support you during your homeshare

What information do you need from me to sign up and become an active member of the HomeShare Alliance community?

Once you complete our online housemate form you are part of our community. Housemates who join our database have access to special events, member discounts, and unadvertised homesharing opportunities

How do I find the right homeshare arrangement?

Once housemates complete an application, undergo our vetting process and complete our compatibility process, your consultant will select matches based on a compatibility match. You will be introduced to qualified housemates until you accept a match that you are both satisfied with.

How long does it take for a match to be made?

Our homeshare matches typically happen in 6-8 weeks. If we currently have someone in our database who would be a good fit the match can happen in a matter of just a few days.

What happens if I don’t like the match you suggest?

Whether you’re the homeshare host or housemate, we understand that finding the right person to share a home with is critical to a successful homeshare. You’ll have an opportunity to meet a potential match and then decide if you want to move forward with that person. We provide the match, but the decision is yours.

What if things aren’t working out with my housemate?

HomeShare Alliance encourages all homeshare hosts and housemate to spend time and ask questions during the introduction process before confirming a homeshare. Homeshare hosts and housemates can also take the extra measure of a weekend trial stay. HomeShare Alliance facilitates the creation of a detailed Homesharing Agreement to help ensure upfront communication and expectation setting. If housemates need to alter or shorten the original Homesharing Agreement, HomeShare Alliance can facilitate. HomeShare Alliance is available to help housemates work through issues or concerns throughout the duration of the homeshare.

Can I list more than one room of my home?

Yes. Once you register with our services, you may list up to three rooms. Some municipalities require permits and collect occupancy taxes once a resident is renting out more than three rooms, so be sure to check your local policies and regulations.

How much do I charge my housemate?

Homeshare hosts choose how to price their rooms. That said, one of HomeShare Alliance’s key goals is to expand the supply of affordable housing, so we strongly encourage homeshare hosts to price their rooms competitively in their area. We offer a homeshare assessment in which one of our consultants will walk through your home and conduct a comparative market analysis of rentals and homeshares in your neirghbourhood, which will act as a guide to help you determine a competitive price.

Do you have an unanswered question about homesharing or HomeShare Alliance?

Please email us at

About HomeShare Alliance

What geographical area does HomeShare Alliance cover?

We help guide householders across Ontario with their homesharing journey through our virtual service. In-person services are available in the Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth, and Peel region.

Is HomeShare Alliance a safe way to find a housemate?

Trust and safety are paramount to HomeShare Alliance, which is why all members go through a multi-tiered screening process. All potential housemates undergo an interview, a detailed compatibility check, and are vetted through an extensive background check that includes: References An in-depth interview Completion of a lifestyle and compatibility survey Verification of Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC) for Supplemental income homeshares or Vulnerable Sector Check for Task Exchange Homeshares living with householders over the age of 65 or if there are children residing in the home. Verification of credit score and report Income verification

What do you do with my personal information?

Our clients’ safety and security are our top priorities. Your information is stored securely and is not shared with any third parties.

I’m an Airbnb host and am thinking about finding a long-term roommate instead. Do you offer a special rate for Airbnb hosts?

Yes, we offer special rates for short-term rental accommodation hosts and Bed and Breakfast operators who wish to convert to long-term stays with a roommate to enjoy the following benefits:

  • No monthly fees
  • Less work (you don’t have to clean up after each guest)
  • More freedom with your time (no guest preparation)
  • Consistent income
  • A consistent and reliable person living with you

Can I rent out my entire house?

No. Our services are geared towards shared living. Householders with HomeShare Alliance can only rent out a room or spare space in or on the property of their primary residence. HomeShare Alliance is a service for homesharing, not home renting.

Can you help with renting out a basement apartment?

Yes. HomeShare Alliance is experienced with finding tenants for secondary suites or basement apartments in homeowner occupied homes.

Do you find housemates that can provide help around the house?

Yes provide services for both task exchanges and supplemental income homeshares. Please consult with one of our advisors for details about our task exchange program or visit our Task Exchange page for more information.

What does it cost to use HomeShare Alliance?

It’s free to register as a member on our database. For a Supplemental Income homeshare, a matching fee is charged at the time a homeshare is confirmed with an agreement, payable by the homeowner. Fees vary depending on the level of service requested. For a Task Exchange homeshare, this is a free service for householders. Please consult with one of our HomeShare advisors for futher details.

Do you offer automated rent payments?

Yes we do! We offer automatic monthly payments for your convenience.

Do you offer a guarantee for your services?

Yes, we offer a 60-day gaurantee on matches made for a Supplemental Income homeshare. Task Exchange homeshares have an unlimited guarantee for the duration of a homeshare.

Do you have any job openings at HomeShare Alliance?

We’re always looking for passionate, talented people to join our team as an associate. If you think you’re a good fit or if you’d just like to learn more, send your resume to and tell us how you’d like to contribute.

Will you put a sign on my front lawn advertising my homeshare?

No. We provide a confidential service that respects your privacy and safety. Your home’s location will never be identified through our promotional efforts. If photos are required, only interior or backyard exterior photos of your home will be used.