Homesharing 101

Beginner's Guide for Homeowners

Homesharing is a wonderful solution for many people – both homeowners and potential housemates – and offers both groups enormous benefits. Financial freedom, socialization and companionship, security, and even help around the house are all advantages of a homesharing arrangemet. In some cases, homesharing can even be an alternative for Canadians looking to age in place rather than having to sell their home and downsize.

The decision and circumstances under which a person decides to homeshare varies greatly, however when it comes to timing, generally the sooner you do it, the better. Sometimes, people consider homesharing only after a health crisis or emergency. In these cases, the homeowner's needs are usually too great; a personal support worker or home care agency may be a more suitable option. While task exchange homeshare arrangements are a great situation for those who need a little extra help around the home, that help doesn't include nursing and personal care.

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