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4 Benefits of Using Technology to Find Your New Housemate

Looking for the right housemate for your homeshare? You have a lot more options than in years past. Posting your ad on a community bulletin board is still a great way to advertise, but technology also offers a great way to cast a much wider net (the Internet, that is). There are many benefits to using technology as a tool to help you find a housemate:

You can reach a larger audience

Advertising online can help you increase the potential of finding a compatible housemate because you're able to reach a much larger audience and spread the word beyond your own social circle and community.

Posting an online ad and offering a virtual tour of your home will make your homeshare arrangement available to people who live in other areas of the province, the country, or even the world. The more candidates you have, the more likely you are to find the right fit.

You can reach a niched audience

In addition to HomeShare Alliance, there are other websites geared towards homesharing (like Silvernest). These focused, niched websites are the best place to post your advertisement because you'll reach people who are familiar with the concept of home sharing and are looking for a good match, just like you!

You can make your search safer

Technology can add a layer of protection to your search for the right housemate. That's because you don't have to reveal identifying information (like a phone number). You can also do virtual tours without having to share your home address. More people are comfortable using meeting platforms such as, Zoom, due to the necessity of work and keeping contact with friends and family during the pandemic.

As part of the search for a housemate, potential candidates will naturally want to see the space in which they would be living. However, it can be intimidating to invite a stranger into your home, especially in the age of COVID.

Offering a virtual tour is a good solution that will allow you to safely meet and greet potential candidates and show them the spaces that they will be renting without letting strangers into your home (which is especially helpful if you realize during the meet and greet that they would not be a good match).

Many applicants prefer to do an initial online meeting before going to view a space in person because it provides a layer of safety for them, too. It also saves them time and helps them ensure they are truly interested in the opportunity before moving forward with an in-person meeting.

Technology adds convenience

Sometimes it can be challenging to coordinate in-person meetings, house tours, etc. because of distance and conflicting schedules. Technology allows you to meet and sign documents online, which is much more convenient for everyone. This is especially helpful if scheduling time is a challenge for you or travelling is difficult for your potential housemate.

Screening applicants through a virtual tour is convenient too. It reduces the need to meet potential candidates in person and allows you to save the in-person meet and house tour for a much narrower list of applicants who have already toured the space and met you online. This saves everyone time.

Once you've found the right person, it's important to sign a formal HomeShare Agreement. Meeting your new housemate in person to sign this document may make you feel most comfortable (and that's perfectly fine if you do so safely), but it's good to know that it's not necessary. Digital signatures through platforms like DocuSign are possible and very common.

Do you have questions about how to use technology to find the right housemate? Give the team at HomeShare Alliance a call. We're experienced in matching homeowners with housemates for harmonious homeshare arrangements. We also offer a new homeshare listing service for householders on our Find A Home page.

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