5 Tips to Keep Your Home Organized and Looking Fantastic!

A clutter-free, organized home looks good, but that's not the only benefit! When you're organized, you'll be able to find things more easily, be more productive and efficient, and ensure your household runs smoothly.

All these benefits are especially important when homesharing! You will have an easier time finding a housemate if your home is organized and attractive. Plus, you may even be able to ask for more for your space. You'll also find that an organized home is a harmonious home, which will help you maintain a positive relationship with your housemates. So, with all these benefits in mind, here are some simple tips to help you keep your home organized and looking its best.

1. One thing in, one thing out.

Every time you bring a new item into your home, remove another unused item. This is a great rule to help you keep clutter under control. Even a little clutter can make your home feel messy, so it's a good idea to constantly donate or recycle items you're no longer using. This tip is especially helpful to keep closets, shoe organizers and drawers under control! Plus, it feels good to purge, especially if your unused items are going to someone in need!

2. Organize Your Paperwork

Request electronic versions of your bills. This will make it easy to ensure housemates have a copy of all shared bills. It will also help reduce your environmental impact with less wasted paper. With financial details on paper bills it's wise to shred them before recycling, and those piles for shredding sometimes mean clutter. The fewer paper bills you have the better.

Sometimes you can't get away from paper copies of bills, receipts, etc. In that case organize mail, coupons, schoolwork, and whatever else lands on your desk right away instead of letting piles build up. Use a file folder or filing cabinet for items that are complete and consider having a spot for those items that still require your attention.

3. Organize and Clean One Room or Area a Day

You'll find that this system will ensure your house remains clean and in good order without feeling like you have a daunting or impossible task ahead. An hour in the morning or evening to organize and clean one area will save you from spending an entire weekend cleaning your whole home!

4. Get Creative with Your Space

From bed lifters to behind-the-door shoe holders for storing awkward sized items, there are lots of organizational hacks and tricks out there. This article by Lifehack has fifty organizational tips that will keep your home running smoothly.

5. Share the Responsibility with Your Housemates

It's important to have a discussion and put your expectations in writing regarding household responsibilities. When looking for a housemate, discuss each person's level of cleanliness and organization to ensure your expectations and preferences are aligned.

At HomeShare Alliance, we're experienced in helping bring homeowners and housemates together for a match that is harmonious and beneficial to everyone involved. Give us a call to learn more!

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