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5 Ways You and Your Housemate Can Overcome Cabin Fever (Without Breaking the Bank)

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

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It’s that time of year. The winter has been visiting us for several months, and on top of that it has been a socially quieter winter than most. As a result, you may be starting to feel the effects of cabin fever.

Typically, when we think about beating cabin fever, an expensive getaway jumps to mind. However, there are several ways you and your housemate can overcome the effects of cabin fever without spending any money or traveling. Here are our suggestions:

1) Reorganize your space

Taking some time to reorganize and declutter the space you’re in can go a long way to helping you and your housemate feel refreshed. First it will keep you busy and give you something to spend your energy on, and it will also result in a space that feels tidy and fresh. You may not get away to a new location, but you will get away from your own clutter which can go a long way in lifting your spirits!

2) Play some games

If you are feeling stir crazy or bored, have a game night! Let everyone in the household choose a game and dedicate several hours one evening, or on a weekend afternoon to play. Try a game that's new and make it extra fun with some good snacks. This is a great way to spend your evening doing something different than usual!

3) Have a movie night

Maybe board games aren’t really something you feel comfortable doing with your housemate. In that case, a movie night is another great activity to keep you busy until you're able to get outside. You and your housemate can each recommend watching a movie you love, which the other person hasn't yet seen. This is a great way to share a sense of your own self and personality with your housemate. Make it special with some theatre-worthy snacks, too.

4) Go on an outdoor adventure

Sometimes an indoor activity just doesn’t cut it to beat cabin fever, simply because you still haven’t left the house. In those cases, go for a nature walk, hike, or snowshoeing. A quick search on the Internet can provide several nature trails that aren’t a far trip and may be new to you! Bundle up, put on some good shoes and get walking!

5) Bake some goodies

Baking can be fun to do with your housemate and is a great way to beat cabin fever because at the end of it all you are left with a steady supply of comfort food. Make some classic recipes or search for some new treats to try.

Everyone is counting down the days until the temperatures are warmer and we can socialize more outside in nicer weather. In the meantime, the team at HomeShare Alliance hopes that these inexpensive activities will keep you and your housemate busy and entertained!



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