HOMESHARE SPOTLIGHT: A New Sense of Family With Homesharing.

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Enjoying a lovely afternoon tea during a regular follow up visit with a client, his housemate and visiting nurse support person (and recent addition to the family “Cookie”).

When I reach 92, I hope to be in his shoes as he has the best of all worlds. ‘R’ is healthy, astute and engaged with his social network while he chooses to live on his own terms. Having a housemate has provided him the independence to stay in his home and it has been a life-changer for his adult children (they now sleep better at night knowing their father isn’t alone).

During our visit, we had thoughtful debates about the world today, technology, politics and shared lots of laughter. I love this part of my work. After nine months into this homeshare match, a sense of family is evident in this home, and it feels like an extension of family for me as well.

Tara McEwen, HomeShare Director

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Tara McEwen, HomeShare Director, enjoying a lovely afternoon tea during a regular follow up visit with a client.


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