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HomeShare Alliance Partners with Smart Caregiving

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Our team at HomeShare Alliance is proud to announce a new partnership with Smart Caregiving! In a recent blog we discussed the history of homesharing and how we got to where we are today. Now, we’d like to look forward into the exciting new developments in homesharing and Smart Caregiving is one of them! Smart Caregiving is an excellent example of how homesharing is adapting to meet people’s needs today.

What Is Smart Caregiving?

Smart Caregiving is a new platform designed to help caregivers navigate the process of finding and providing care for their loved ones. The platform acts as a network of resources, information, and partnerships to provide caregivers with the answers, support, and peace of mind necessary to feel secure that their loved ones are receiving proper care.

Founded by entrepreneur Traci Lamb, Smart Caregiving began this initiative with a passion to help caregivers worldwide and ensure that those in need receive the appropriate care. They partner with a wide variety of companies offering products and services related to caregiving, HomeShare Alliance included!

All About Our Partnership

In partnering with Smart Caregiving, HomeShare Alliance pledges to help Traci in her goal of providing aid to caregivers across the globe. As a partner we exist in their membership directory and in turn become an integral part of the solutions that the team at Smart Caregiving provides to caregivers.

Homesharing is an excellent opportunity for those seeking help around the home with a task exchange homeshare, or even simply for companionship and peace of mind. By connecting us with caregivers around the world, we present homesharing as the viable option that it is, and help to find solutions and arrangements for those in need of guidance.

How HomeShare Alliance Can Help

Our goal in partnering with Smart Caregiving is to introduce our products and services to be able to support householders worldwide. Particularly, we’re participating in the Smart Caregiving referral network, aiming to connect with caregivers who may benefit from a homeshare arrangement.

Through this partnership we intend to mainly interact with adult children seeking solutions for their aging parents. As we've discussed, adult children can be an integral part in establishing and maintaining a successful homeshare arrangement for their parent. That being said, homesharing is still an often-overlooked solution. In partnering with Smart Caregiving, we hope to connect with adult children seeking care for their parents worldwide and empower them to help provide their loved one with the ultimate homeshare experience!

With this, we’ve expanded to offer more services through which we can support caregivers worldwide! Our services now include:

  • An online platform for advertising homeshares

  • Coaching and consulting packages (inquire with a Discovery Call)

  • Full-service turnkey homeshare arranging (both in-person and virtual)

And that’s not all! Coming soon we will also have a program of educational courses to inform you of the homeshare process as well as handy tips and tricks, and an online community for householders and their caregivers:

  • An online homeshare course program (coming soon!)

  • An online homeshare community (coming soon!)

We’re very excited about our newfound partnership with Smart Caregiving and the doors that have been opened, and we’re especially enthused to spread the word about homesharing and all of the wonderful things it has to offer.

If you have questions about homesharing or our partnership with Smart Caregiving, please contact our team at HomeShare Alliance. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and set you on the path to a successful homeshare arrangement that’s right for you or your loved one!



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