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How Homesharing Can Help the Sandwich Generation

The sandwich generation can find support by sharing their home for passive income or support for their elderly parent by sharing their home, senior support by HomeShare Alliance

The sandwich generation is a term used to describe the group of people who are supporting two generations at once: the generations who are older and younger than themselves. The sandwich generation typically supports a parent who either lives with them or lives alone, while also raising their own children. These family caregivers are overwhelmingingly women.

While happy to support the people you love most in your life, being part of the sandwich generation can be taxing. Balancing raising kids and supporting your parents while having a career and a social life is a lot. It can lead to feelings of stress, resentment and exhaustion. This is often called caregiver burnout, and it can damage your health, your relationships and even your career.

The good news is that homesharing is a possible solution! Homesharing allows for the opportunity to share responsibilities with someone else, while providing them with somewhere to live (called a task exchange homeshare arrangement). Let’s talk more about the ways homesharing can help those in the sandwich generation navigate their roles.

Child minding

Homesharing with a live-in nanny is a common scenario. This is where an individual is provided with affordable room and board in exchange for helping you with your kids. Having a homeshare arrangement with child support as part of a task exchange provides you with an agreed-upon number of hours per week of child minding and gives you the flexibility you need to fulfill other commitments in your life.

Household duties

Under most homeshare arrangements, even if they are not care-focused, household chores are shared. This is another way home sharing can help the sandwiched generation, because you'll have someone else around the house who can help with the cooking, cleaning, yardwork, etc. Again, as with any task exchange home share arrangement, it's important to clearly define what those duties will be and how many hours per week will be spent on those tasks in lieu of rent.

Additional income

Not every homeshare arrangement is a task exchange. You can charge an agreed upon rate to share your home with another person. This type of homesharing is called a supplemental income homeshare arrangement and will generate extra income for you and your family, which might help you afford services such as daycare for your children or a personal support worker for your parents. This extra income could also help you take time off of work to care for your loved ones (or yourself).

Moral support

Homesharing can be a great benefit to the sandwiched generation because it provides companionship. Some extra moral support can go a long way during challenging or stressful times. Homesharing ensures that someone is around and because they are immersed in your situation they can understand it and truly help.

Looking for the right match for your exact situation? Get in touch with us at HomeShare Alliance for help with your homeshare journey.


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