Stay Social During Lockdown by Joining an Online Group

Now, more than ever, people are turning to online groups to stay social and connected. Groups on Facebook and other social networks go beyond the typical buy and sell groups many people have come to know. There are lots of different groups out there centered around hobbies, interests, activism, jobs, parenting, health, and much more.

Joining these groups is free and the benefits are huge. You'll get advice and learn something new, you'll meet new people, and maybe even forge new friendships! If you're feeling bored, lonely or are just missing social interaction then these groups are worth looking into.

First, how do you join a group?

How you join a group will depend on the social channel and the group's privacy setting. Some groups are set as private (which means the posts can only be seen by other members) which protects the privacy of members and means you'll have to request to join. Other groups are public, which means anyone on the Internet can see the content posted.

When choosing a group, it's important to understand their rules (and follow them). Choose a group that has a moderator who ensures people are following the rules and are interacting in a kind and respectful way. Remember to protect yourself online - never give out personal information, even if you're in a private group.


While there are a lot of groups out there for landlords and tenants, there are unfortunately, not many focused on housemates and those in a home shareagreement. That's why we started Shared Living Circle, a private Facebook group that welcomes housemates and helps connect like minded individuals interested in shared living. Join us to learn more about this new and exciting cultural shift!

There are also many other groups dedicated to sharing housing information and helping people who live alone. Within these groups you may find support and ideas that enrich your home sharing journey.

Community groups

Most cities and towns have a community group. These groups are all unique and have different purposes. Some share local events and news, others connect people with local businesses, or share volunteer opportunities. Go to the social platform (Facebook or Instagram, for example) and search your community's name to see what comes up.

Activity & Fitness

Active Seniors is a public Facebook group for those over the age of 55 who are interested in being mentally and physically active. Participants can share exercises, recipes, thoughts, ideas, problems, and triumphs. From yoga videos to balance and stability exercises, there's lots of great tips here and members are from all over North America and beyond.

Toronto Fitness Community is a public group with about four thousand members who come together on Facebook to share and provide help around nutrition, workouts, and meal planning. Helping each other stay motivated and achieving fitness goals is one of the main purposes of this groups.

Virtual Pen Pal Groups

There are many Facebook gr