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Taking Pictures of Your Home – The Visual Story

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Homeowner taking a photograph for her homeshare in search of a housemate for shared living, photo supplied by HomeShare Alliance

When it comes to wanting to share your home in a homeshare arrangement, a lot of your effort will revolve around getting the word out and finding the right person. Taking good pictures is a great way to draw attention to your home and gain interest. The good news is that taking stunning pictures does not need to involve a professional photographer. With these simple tips you can easily use photos to advertise your home for homesharing. Afterall, unlike traditional real estate, homesharing is about finding the right match, not just any match.

Take at least 4-5 pictures

People are more likely to take an interest in your home if there are several pictures showing different rooms and viewpoints. This leaves less up to the imagination and makes them confident that what they see is what they will get. This is why a minimum of four or five photos is recommended. If you are feeling up to it, you could even get creative with some video footage that offers a virtual tour of your space!

Focus on the right spaces

There are certain spaces you should be sure to prioritize and include. These are common areas, the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Focus on the rooms where the person sharing your home will spend most of their time.

Use this opportunity to attract a person with similar interests

Taking pictures of your home gives you the opportunity to tell a visual story. Within your pictures you can send a message about the type of person you are in order to attract people with similar interests and lifestyles. For example, feature a reading nook, a music room, or a backyard with activities you enjoy. Doing so will highlight some of your hobbies and pastimes and help you attract people with similar interests. Remember, when you are homesharing you are looking for a good personality match, not just someone to buy or rent your house. Unlike typical real estate photos, do not remove your personality from the space. Instead, let it shine so you can attract the right person.

Tips for better photos

Cleaning up is the number one way to ensure that your photos turn out. Tidy the house, do a deep clean and especially make sure that you have removed clutter. Your pictures will look much better if your counter tops and other surfaces are clear.

It's also helpful to take pictures from your waistline for good perspective. Ensure your photos capture as much natural light as possible, too by turning on all lights and keeping drapes open.

Consider safety

While more is better in terms of the number of photos you use to attract the right housemate, there are some safety considerations to keep top of mind. Given that you don’t know most of the people that will be looking at your advertisement, avoid taking photos in front of your house where your address or license plate on your car are visible.

Most people looking to home share live alone, and people viewing your ad will be aware of that. Some may see you as more vulnerable, so it is important to ensure that people can't identify you or where your home is through your photos. Avoid any pictures of the front of your home and keep outdoor photos contained to your backyard. It's also important that your ad does not mention your address. Instead, identify the area by major intersection only, and in large cities, include area (Bloor West Village, for example in Toronto).

Schedule a Discovery Call with the team at HomeShare Alliance if you'd like more advice about homesharing or need help connecting with potential housemates. We're experienced in helping homeowners connect with likeminded housemates for a harmonious homesharing experience.



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