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Tips to Achieve Your Solo Travel Goals

Are you interested in seeing the world, and unwilling to put your plans on hold to wait for a travel buddy? Whether you’re driven by a love of culture, a search for adventure, or simply a change of scenery, we commend your ambition and dedication to your goals. We’ve put together a few tips to help you on your journey towards your travel dreams!

Before You Travel

Let’s face it, travel can cost a pretty penny. If you’re in the planning stages of your trip and looking to save funds to fuel your adventure, homesharing can be a fantastic way to cut costs. By opening your home to another guest or seeking a host to live with in a home share arrangement, you succeed in chopping your rent or mortgage payments by a substantial amount!

Homesharing offers a comfortable style of living while minimizing the costs associated, so that you can use your money in the best way possible. The ways of the past are changing, and women have the freedom to embark on their own adventures in foreign lands without safety or stigma holding them back. By taking advantage of homesharing, you can lessen the financial barriers to travel as well and set course for your destination of choice!

While You Travel

Homesharing offers fantastic benefits even during your travels. One option is to use home stay programs to find affordable and authentic places to stay with locals in the communities you plan to visit! Take Sister Stay, for example – a platform for women over 50 to connect and find short term home share arrangements during travel! All members are ID-verified for safety and share a common goal of connecting with other likeminded women to fill their remaining years with joy and adventure. Use Sister Stay or similar programs to lessen the cost of travel, while interacting with hosts of other communities and gaining an intimate look into the lives of locals!

Not only can you use home sharing throughout your travels as a means to find a place to stay, you can also maintain a homeshare arrangement in your own home to care for your property and help lessen financial strain as you see the world. If you’ve opened your home to a house mate and the arrangement is successful, you have the option of relying on that housemate to look after your home while you’re away! Knowing that somebody trustworthy is around to care for your property can help to put your mind at ease, while the funds you gain from their share of the homeshare arrangement can go towards your travel costs and allow you to truly make the most out of your travels.

We know that traveling alone can be daunting, and there are many aspects to consider. That’s why we’re here to help! Contact our team at HomeShare Alliance to learn more about how homesharing can open doors for you and help you on your quest to see the world!



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