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Helping homeowners find the right housemate for their needs & lifestyle.

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Don't share your home with just anyone.

Homesharing is a great way to earn extra income or have support in your day-to-day living.


But many services don’t offer proper vetting support, which may lead to conflicts and a poor homesharing experience.


Homeshare Alliance uses an award-winning, comprehensive process to ensure you get the right housemate, so you can enjoy living in your own home.

Create A Customized Plan

Your situation is unique, so we help you design a clear homesharing plan that reflects your needs, lifestyle & expectations.

Manage The Details

We carefully vet potential housemates, ask all the right questions and handle the paperwork. Housemates undergo a screening interview and a detailed compatibility check to ensure a good long-term match.

Homeshare with Confidence

We'll walk you through the legalities of homesharing, share best practices based on our years of experience, and even check in with you periodically to ensure you and your roommate are enjoying the full benefits of homesharing.

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Want to be a housemate?

Finding the perfect place is all about whom you know, which is why some of the best opportunities go unadvertised.

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