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3 Tips to Posting Your Homeshare Ad Online

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Finding the right housemate for your homeshare requires patience and a little skill. So, when it comes to advertising your home for homesharing, it's important to know that some avenues will produce better leads than others. It's also important to protect your privacy and keep yourself safe. These tips will help you successfully advertise your homeshare, so you can find a quality housemate who shares your interests and has a compatible personality.

1. Quality Over Quantity

It may be tempting to post your homeshare ad on rental or classified online marketplaces and doing so will certainly give you lots of leads, but it's likely that those leads will not be the right leads. You may find yourself inundated with responses that end up being a waste of time – people responding thinking that you're advertising an apartment or house to rent, or who don't understand what a homeshare is (they may think you have an Airbnb).

Depending on your situation, you may be better off advertising on a roommate website that specializes in homesharing (especially ones for older adults looking for a peer to share their home with). You may have fewer leads, but the leads will be higher quality and more useful, which will save you time in the long run. Our team can help you advertise your homeshare opportunity to attract quality housemates.

2. Be Cautious When Creating Your Ad

It's important to protect yourself and your personal information when creating your ad. Avoid giving out too many personal details:

  • Use your first name only.

  • Provide your general neighbourhood or nearest intersection. Do not give out your address in your ad.

  • Provide an email address as the best way to contact you.

  • For phone calls, use your cell phone rather than a land line (land lines are published in phone directories, making it easy to trace and connect with an address and personal information).

  • Have a few phone or online conversations before meeting someone in person.

  • Always bring a family member or friend when meeting someone you don't know in person.

3. Necessary Information

While you want to avoid providing personal information, there are some things your ad absolutely should contain:

A good description of the homeshare arrangement, including:

  • The spaces that are private (i.e. private bedroom and private bathroom)

  • The spaces that are shared (i.e. shared kitchen and laundry)

  • Amenities that are available like parking, utilities, etc.

  • Share general qualities about yourself and interests to attract compatibility

  • The qualities you're looking for in a housemate

  • Any non-negotiables (i.e., no pets, no smokers)

  • The monthly cost

  • When the homeshare is available (i.e., Available June 1st)

  • Clear pictures of the primary spaces

  • Your contact email (remember to protect your personal information)

Create an ad that is descriptive, full of quality photos and keeps your personal information private and post it on a website that's for homesharing. Doing so will ensure you're well positioned to receive quality leads, which will help you find the right housemate!

HomeShare Alliance offers a listing service for householders and agencies to place their homeshare on the Find A Home directory. Contact the team at HomeShare Alliance if you're looking for help finding a housemate for your homeshare or if you're interested in advertising your own homeshare opportunity on the Find A Home listing page.



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