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How to Choose the Right Housemate

At HomeShare Alliance, we realize the importance of choosing the right housemate. Finding a potential housemate who is a compatible fit is one of the largest hurdles for homeowners who are considering a homeshare arrangement. That's why in addition to vetting each person for security and financial purposes, we also rely on a Lifestyle Compatibility Survey, which both the homeowner and housemate take. This tool ensures a compatible fit, and is also used to identify possible conflicts that should be discussed before moving in.

Are You Compatible?

Which information should you consider when you're thinking of living with someone? Whether that someone is a roommate, housemate, friend, family member, or intimate partner, the harmony of your home will depend on how compatible your lifestyles are.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to lifestyle compatibility. Some of the questions we ask are common considerations, like:

  • Household cleaning habits and organization – do dishes in the sink drive you nuts? Do you clean as you go, or do you prefer to clean up at the end of the day? Everyone has different tolerances and expectations around what is "clean, neat and tidy."

  • Social activities - especially around home entertaining, overnight guests, how social you are outside of the home, and expectations around social interactions with your housemate.

  • Schedules – when do you work, sleep, cook, workout, or enjoy social activities?

  • Sounds and noise – some people prefer quiet, and others prefer background noise at home.

  • Feelings around smoking tobacco or cannabis and drinking alcohol.

  • Pets – are they okay, or a definite no?

  • Allergies – food, environmental (including scents), and pets are common allergies that are important to consider.

  • There are other areas of lifestyle compatibility worth delving into, many of which you may not think about until you've already moved in and found that you and your housemate don't see eye to eye. We help avoid future problems by asking about:

  • Preferred temperature settings in the home – some people feel cold and like the temperature turned up, and others feel warm and prefer having the temperature at a cooler setting.

  • Home décor style – those who prefer a modern home with an industrial look may not be comfortable in a house where the décor is traditional or eclectic.

  • Morning routine – if you like to sleep in, then living with an early riser may be an annoyance.

  • Energy – Is energy efficiency important to you? If so, living with someone who regularly leaves lights and appliances on may be difficult.

  • Food, culture, hobbies, and interests – from wearing outdoor footwear inside to music preferences, culture and lifestyle are important considerations for a harmonious living arrangement.

  • Travel – Do you travel frequently? Are weekend get-a-ways a way of life? Having a housemate at home to keep an eye on things is a benefit of home sharing, so it's worth considering each other's travel preferences to see if a fit is possible.

  • Sleep – A good night's sleep is an often overlooked element of a happy, healthy life! It's worth discussing nightly sleep routines and sleep habits to ensure you and your potential housemate won't interfere with each other's sleep.

Taking the time to explore the lifestyle compatibility of a potential housemate is time well spent. Doing so will help ensure a better fit, and will contribute to a happy, harmonious living arrangement. Looking for help finding the right housemate or homeowner to share a home with? Give the team at HomeShare Alliance a call. We'll use tools like our Lifestyle Compatibility Survey as well as our extensive industry experience to help you find a compatible match.

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