Six Podcasts for Housemates

Podcasts have been popular for years, and now for the first time ever, one has been awarded a Pulitzer Prize for audio reporting. This American Life, an influential American radio program and podcast won for its episode on asylum seekers and migrants who live in makeshift tent camps along the US-Mexican border (the episode is called The Out Crowd).

While not all podcasts are as hard hitting, most share important information, knowledge, and insights, and are worth the listen! So, if you're looking for a new podcast to follow, here are a few geared towards home sharing topics that we think you'll find helpful, interesting, and entertaining.

1. On Ageing

Ageing Fearlessly is hosted by Karen Sander, who educates, motivates, and inspires her audience to live a vitally active life, full of joy, no matter your age! With stories and interviews with Baby Boomers who are living fearlessly, this podcast is sure to give you a new perspective about getting older.

2. On Money

So Money is a podcast hosted by author, speaker and money correspondent Farnoosh Torabi. You may have seen her in appearances on the Today Show, Good Morning America, or The View. Torabi's podcast discusses money and personal finances in an engaging and entertaining manner. Well-known guests sometimes drop in to share their own perspectives, including Queen Latifah, Barbara Corcoran and Busy Phillips. This podcast will give you relevant money-related tips that will help you get the most out of your finances.

4. On Hobbies

Time for your Hobby is a podcast for anyone with a hobby or looking for one! Alex, who is based in Ottawa Ontario, hosts all kinds of hobbyists from different walks of life and areas of the world. Guests share information about their hobby and how it has impacted them. From archery to fly fishing to medieval recreation – you're bound to learn all about new hobbies and may even be inspired to try something new!

5. On Interior Design

Affordable Interior Design is a podcast dedicated to upgrading your space without breaking the bank. New York-based designer and self-proclaimed budget decorating guru Betsy Helmuth shares tips and tricks to help you bring new life to your space while staying on budget.

6. On Living with a Housemate (or Roommate)

At HomeShare Alliance we carefully screen housemates for an ideal match, and help you establish a comprehensive HomeShare Agreement to ensure clear communication and expectations that will strengthen your arrangement with your housemate. These steps help prevent some of the missteps and mistakes that are covered in the podcast

Cohabitation. We've all heard of unbelievable roommate stories. For those with a sense of humour, this is a comedic podcast in which the hosts and their guests (often comedians) share their stories about the trials and tribulations of living with other humans. From accidental roommates to kitten invasions, this podcast is sure to make you laugh out loud. Note: This program does use crass language and is not for the faint of heart!

What podcasts inspire and educate you? Please share your favourites with our homesharing community by leaving a comment!

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