Top Apps for Shared Living

As homesharing grows in popularity, many housemates are leaning on apps to communicate with each other, stay organized, remain on budget, and hold everyone accountable. From splitting utilities to managing debt between housemates, here are seven useful apps that will support your shared living arrangement.

1. IOU

Wish you could keep better track of who owes what? IOU is a great app that you can use to record what you and your housemates owe each other. You can share the information with each other and even schedule repayments for rent, utilities, groceries and more!

2. Venmo

Venmo is especially helpful for those who incur bank charges when doing an electronic bank transfer. With Venmo you can send money instantly to your housemates, for no cost at all.

3. OurGroceries

Some housemates share groceries and split the cost at the end of the week or month. If this is how your household operates, then OurGroceries is a great app that will reduce the chance that you and your housemate will both come home with a bag of milk! You can share grocery lists, track costs, and keep each other informed about what has and hasn't yet been bought.

4. Wunderlist

Groceries aren't the only errand that's helpful to share. You can share many more to-do lists with your housemates with Wunderlist. From house maintenance to cleaning tasks, you can create multiple lists that are shared with everyone – so when you complete a task, everyone knows about it.

5. Chorma

Are household chores running as smoothly as they could in your household? Chorma is an app focused on chores and a cool feature is that you can reward housemates for completing tasks, which makes it a little more fun to get things done around the house! Plus, you can keep track of who has done what, which can ensure a more harmonious living arrangement.

6. UpTo

UpTo is a great way to sync calendars with your housemates. This is especially important when one or more of your housemates is working from home. You can see when a conference call is happening, who has a virtual guitar lesson scheduled, and when girl night has been booked. Shared calendars allow you to better share spaces that your entire household has access to!

7. White Noise Lite

Speaking of guitar lessons, if you're having trouble sleeping because your housemates are noisy then consider a white noise app like White Noise Lite, which is designed to help you relax and fall asleep even if there's a lot of noise happening within your household. This is particularly helpful for households in which one or more housemate works shifts.

These apps will help your household function more efficiently and harmoniously. However, if you're struggling to find housemates who are the right fit for your shared living arrangement, give the team at HomeShare Alliance a call. We're here to answer your questions and have lots of experiencing connecting householders with the right housemates.

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