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Recharging Your Health and Wellness

With such busy lives and hectic schedules, it’s easy for health and wellness to slip through the cracks. Knowing this, it’s crucial to take the time to focus on yourself and check in on how you’re doing, to ensure that you’re feeling and performing your best. Practicing wellness and self-care looks different for everybody, so let’s take a look at some common approaches for you to choose from to help you recharge!

It’s All About Environment

Looking after yourself doesn’t need to take a ton of time or energy. Sometimes what you need isn’t a big event or trip, but a series of smaller life changes that can help you to steer yourself in a positive direction.

Our environment affects us more than we tend to realize, so paying attention to your surroundings is a great first step on the road to recharge. Do you feel comfortable in your home, or is it overly cluttered? Do you have comfort items with sentimental value, or does your home feel colder and less personalized? Have you decorated with pieces you love, or do you feel unattached to your home design?

Sometimes a quick rearranging of furniture and a revamping of décor can do the trick, alongside a good dose of spring cleaning. Task exchange home shares are perfect for this – you can work alongside your housemate to create a home environment that’s clean, comfortable, and filled with character and charm that’s unique to you.

Not Just the Setting, But the Company

Environmental factors don’t stop with your physical surroundings – it's who you fill your space with, as well. Keeping company that drains you and brings you down introduces stress and unpleasantry into your life, ultimately taking a toll and having a negative impact on your day-to-day life.

One form of self-care is being selective with those you allow in your presence and establishing and maintaining boundaries that are conducive to a healthy lifestyle for you, whatever that may be. The era of self-sacrifice for the comfort of others is over – it's time for you to live for you, and no one else!

To look after yourself and give yourself a wellness recharge, take a look at those around you. Why keep company that drains you and brings you down, when you could be spending your energy finding your tribe and creating a community of happiness and positivity?

This includes your living situation – by participating in a home share arrangement with a strong vetting and screening process, you can find a house mate who’s compatible and who can help contribute to your positive environment. Homesharing is a fantastic option for those looking to maintain pleasant company and have somebody for companionship, especially when visiting friends and loved ones is difficult.

It May Be Time for a Change of Scenery

Sometimes even when everything is right, life can become draining. Even if your environment is comfortable and you’ve got a healthy circle of friends, some folks need a little dose of adventure from time to time or they’ll go stir crazy.

If you’re one of those people, looking after that need is an important aspect to your wellbeing. Consider planning a trip with friends or family, or if that’s not an option, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of solo travel!

If planning a trip in itself seems daunting and counterproductive to your goal of rest, relaxation, and recharging, you’re not alone. There are tons of pre-planned getaway style retreats for you to choose from, ensuring that you’re bound to find something that suits your needs and interests! Take Rustic Mama Retreats for example – retreat style vacations designed to help you relax, refresh, and reconnect with what’s important to you in life, whatever that may be.

No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

The thing about self-care and wellness is that it’s just that – specific to you. While that may be intimidating at first, it’s actually exciting! With no hard rules to follow, you’re free to take action in any way that will be beneficial to you and your wellbeing.

Everybody needs a little recharge from time to time, though that need often goes overlooked. Take this blog as your nudge to practice self-care, whatever that means for you. Spruce up your home, make new friends, pick up a new hobby, go abroad, or relax with family. Whatever your heart and soul desires, you can rest assured that it will bring positivity and happiness into your life!

If you’re looking for a chance to make changes in your life, or if you’re curious as to how homesharing could benefit you and your lifestyle, feel free to reach out to us at HomeShare Alliance. We’re passionate about our work and eager to help everybody find the comfort and care that they need to thrive!

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